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To supply and fit SQUASH strings:   

Prices from £16 to £24 (see below)


The X-One Biphase fibre construction produces a lively firm feel, tremendous control and holds tension well. Tecnifibre X-One Biphase is the nearest thing yet to natural gut in a synthetic string. Used by many top professionals. £24    


UltraNick squash strings with Zyex multifilament fibres provides a softer feel, more power, improved ball control and good tension stability. The braided surface maximizes control and increases spin. Comes in 1.15 mm and 1.25 mm gauges. The 17 g maximizes durability and string life.£21


The famous green coloured Tecnifibre 305 is available in 1.10 mm,1.20 mm, and 1.30 mm gauge. Having several gauges allows players a choice in performance from the ultimate performance of the 1.10 mm through to greater durability of the 1.30mm. Used by many top-ranked players. £21


The 305 + falls directly in the middle of the 305  and the X-One Biphase in all aspects of its playability.Get all the power of the X-One and the control associated with the 305. The string has been developed to take the number 1 string to another level - more response - more performance! As played by top RSA players Thierry Lincou and Mohamed El Shorbagy. £21


PowerNick 18 has a 3-layer construction resulting in a thinner string with exceptional bite that allows good players to make better shots. The string's central core incorporates multi-stranded Zyex filaments for superior playability. The outer spiral braid provides good gripping action-enhancing spins and slices. This string is certainly for the chronic string breaker. It is resilient, with great bite. Super value. While optimum tension will depend on the player's choice of racket and style of play, the recommended range of stringing tension for PowerNick 18 is up to 32 lbs. (14.5 kgs.). To allow for the superior tension holding properties and the thin gauge of PowerNick the string should be strung at 10-20% lower tension than for nylon strings.  £20


This distinctive coloured string (White with red and blue crosses) is one of the most popular squash strings in the world. SuperNick XL is a 1.25 mm multifilament string with a textured surface for optimum ball control. Excellent resiliency in all rackets, with a softer playability and excellent value for money. £20


The squash version of Tecnifibre’s famous tennis string, The Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut is a centre core string with a single wrapped monofilament with an anti-abrasion coating. The strings construction gives it qualities comparable to natural gut. Provides good performance for players on a limited budget. £19


Super SynGut 17 is derived from the Prince famous tennis Synthetic Gut. A thin string (1.22 mm) featuring a solid central core and two nylon over wraps for added durability.   An idealsquash string for ultimate control, providing a good level of power. £16

HAVE YOUR OWN STRING? We will restring your racket for £12

                     Squash Racket Stringing Tensions.

Squash rackets are generally strung at between 20-36 lbs. The higher the tension the more control and the lower the tension the more power can be achieved. In deciding a tension you should consider whether your game is more power orientated or touch orientated. Better players tend to go for higher tensions due to better control of the shot.



                         SQUASH STRINGING TENSIONS

20lbs             20lbs    22lbs    24lbs    26lbs     28lbs      30lbs       32lbs       34lbs       36lbs     




If you are not sure as to what tension is best for your game we would then recommend that you experiment with various tensions until you find the best tension most suited to your game. If in doubt we will string your racket at your racket manufacturers’ recommended ‘middle tension’ which will provide you with a balance between power and control.

Should you require a string not listed then please call Martin on 07809 829 539 or email: martin@se-tennis.co.uk for a competitive quote within 24 hours.

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