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:Prices from £12 to £19 (see below) 

This unique string construction provides a string with approximately 8% less thickness than standard products. High-tenacity microfilament construction provides superior tension-holding properties when compared to standard badminton strings. XL construction provides denser wear surface for enhanced durability. Recommended for professional players and advanced amateurs who require one of the best combinations of playability and durability in a tournament badminton string. 


The unique ZyWeaVe core provides the lowest tension loss of any badminton string. Comes in 0.62,0.67 & 0.70mm gauge and offers anexcellent combination of resilience and durability.

Zymax 0.62 mm - 25% lighter than similar strings maximising power on smashes and control on drop shots. 
Zymax 0.67mm -  Lowest tension loss of any string. Very good resilience. 
Zymax 0.70 mm -  Can withstand very high tensions.upto 40lbs.  


The  Flex 21 badminton string is made of 2,000 microfilaments incorporated in a propriety manufacturing process where a highly-oriented microfilament core and dense microfilament wear layers are combined with an abrasion-resistant polymer resin. The result is a string with power and durability. A superb string, great value for money and highly recommended.



 YONEX  NANOGY 95 A very popular string, Nanogy 95 is a 0.69mm fine gauge string featuring compound carbon nanofibre for superior durability. This construction achieves increased durability and high repulsion power. Suited for players who look for resilience to increase speed and durability for longer lasting string.


 YONEX BG65 & BG65TiThe BG65 is a high-quality all-around string. The combination of high durability and economy gives the BG65 the distinction of being Yonex's No. 1 best seller. The Ti version has a Hydro Titanium compound coating that adds greater durability with a sharp but comfortable feel. Designed for hard hitters.

Nano Premium 65 is constructed with highest grade durable nylon multifilament centre core and special braided high durable nylon monofilament outer wraps using a bonding process to provide high durable performance, high repulsion power and maximum playability.


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