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1.24mm (natural)
The multifilament technology in this racketball string increases the ball dwell time on the strings by up to 400% and the Biphase covering adds a further 20% durability. A top of the range string. 


1.18 mm (natural) 
Designed exclusively for racketball the 505 HPR uses a similar formula to the original Green 305 squash string to provide maximum power and comfort. 505 HPR is the official string of the “International Racquetball Tour” in the USA. The 1.18mm guage provides great feel and power.


TECNIFIBRE XR1 1.25mm (black)
 A new string for racketball. A multifilament that not only specialises in comfort, power and feel, but takes tension maintenance and durability in this category to another level. the XR1 has a rectangular monofilament core that keeps tension better compared to other premium multifilaments.This core packed with 1125 multifilament strands (15% more than Multifeel) which gives you great comfort and feel. Anti-abraison Silicone based coating gives the string greater durability and resistance to the elements. 


ASHAWAY ULTRAKILL 17 1.25mm             (optic green)
Ashaway has introduced UltraKill17, the first of a new line of Zyex-based racquetball strings. Built on a new multifilament core, UltraKill 17 is designed to provide amateur and professional players with a strong durable string with both exceptional power and ball control. The braided surface maximizes control and increases spin while the Zyex multifilament core prevents tension loss for more consistent performance throughout the life of the string 


1.25mm (white/red/blue)
This string combines the excellent response and resiliency of a multifilament core with the superior ball control provided by the unique textured surface of double braided nylon polymers. The result is a very lively, resilient string that really bites the ball.


HEAD MEGABLAST 1.25 mm (white)
Offering one of the cheapest multifilaments on the market. The co-polymer braided wraps gives this string a crisp feel and a 'snap-back' that truly delivers powerto your shots. 


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